How books are put together.

About Spine:

Spine was founded in 2014 by Emma J. Hardy, and covers creative and production aspects of the book publishing industry with a primary focus on the author's process and book cover design. Its mission is to offer creator insight, long-form stories, product information, and community content for an audience that is highly enthusiastic about books.


Editorial Staff:

Eric C. Wilder

Authors Editor:
Susanna Baird

Design Editor:
Vyki Hendy

Contributing Writers:
Hiba Tahir YA, Poetry
Elizabeth Ellor YA, Children's
E. F. Sweetman Noir, Suspense, Thrillers
E. M. Panos Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Mary Ryan Karnes Design
Holly Dunn Podcast, Video

Other Contributors:
Karen Horton
Brittany Baker
Kerry Squires
Nuria Rodríguez
Karen Faris
Jessica Schiffer
Lucy Davies
Shayla Bond
Emma J. Hardy
Leah Stacy
Fernando Mateus
Lauren Cocking