Spine Podcast, Bonus Episode: Erika Swyler

We’re taking a break from our usual design discussion to bring you this bonus episode. 

Earlier this year when we were developing this podcast we took a look at several different formats for the show. One of the thoughts we had was to discuss with authors the process of bringing one of their books to life. Which led us to record an interesting conversation with author Erika Swyler. Erika's first novel was The Book of Speculation. She has a fascinating story to tell as to how she became involved with the pitching process for that book. We also talked to her about writing, and a little bit about her current project.

We are still considering author interviews. We’d like your thoughts about it. You can write us here or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.

Spine contributor Susanna Baird interviewed Erika for this episode.

The theme song to this show is Sweet Berry Wine by Blue Wednesday.

Image: BJ Enright

Image: BJ Enright


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Susanna previously wrote for the online design community Dribbble, helping transform their occasional blog into the online publication Courtside. Her bylines also include AOL News, Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, and Publishers Weekly, among other publications.