Can't Wait to Read!

Welcome to today's guest author Megan DeMint, who is highlighting June and July books she's excited to read. If you're a writer, and would like to curate a future Can't Wait to Read, contact We encourage you to visit your local library or bookstore and take a look at these new titles.


Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

Three Women is an immersive, journalistic account of the real-life sexual desires of women, specifically of three women that journalist Lisa Taddeo studied and interviewed over the past eight years. One is a married homemaker, one a high school student who dated her teacher, and one a successful restaurant owner in a complicated marriage.


Patsy by Nicole Dennis-Benn

This book spans more than a decade, telling the story of protagonist Patsy who immigrates to New York from her home in Jamaica. She leaves behind her mother and her child to build a new life. Dennis-Benn tells us the stories of Patsy and her daughter side by side as they navigate their separation. 


Shapes of Native Nonfiction: Collected Essays by Contemporary Writers, edited by Elissa Washuta and Theresa Warburton

With the theme of basket weaving at the center, this anthology of essays by Native writers responds to questions that affect Native communities in all corners of the country. Twenty-seven contemporary Native writers offer their genre-bending stories and essays to this collection. 


The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead

Set during the Civil Rights movement in Tallahassee, Florida, this work of historical fiction tells the story of Elwood Curtis, a black boy sentenced to a juvenile reform school called The Nickel Academy, based on a real reform school that operated in Florida for more than century. The staff is violent and abusive, and to resist could be deadly. 


Naturally Tan by Tan France

Tan France, British fashion designer and pep-talk-giver of Queer Eye, tells the story of his life in his newly released memoir. Living at the intersection of a traditional Pakistani Muslim family, his identity as a gay man, and his love of style, France shines a light on his journey of growing to accept himself. 


I Like to Watch: Arguing My Way Through the TV Revolution by Emily Nussbaum

Emily Nussbaum — avid TV watcher, Pulitzer Prize-winning culture critic, and writer for The New Yorker — has curated a collection of her essays about her love of television and cultural criticism. With both old and new essays featured, the book highlights Nussbaum's career and the evolution of TV. 


Megan DeMint is a writer and editor with a love for nonfiction: memoirs, collections of essays, books by journalists, and whatever else she can get her hands on. She writes articles about authors and their writing processes at Spine Magazine and works as a Communication Specialist at Cornell University. Even more of her work can be found at