Can't Wait to Read!

Today's Can't Wait to Read is double wide, 12 books that came out last week or are coming out this week.

This list is in alpha order by author. As with any book we feature in Spine, we encourage you to head to your local library or bookstore to grab a copy.

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Author: Lara Elena Donnelly. Book three of Donnelly's sexy, glitzy thriller-fantasy Amberlough Dossier series has finally arrived!


Any Other Place

Author: Michael Croley. In his first short-story collection, Croley examines the inner workings of ordinary people from small-town Appalachia to a village in South Korea.


Perihelion Summer

Author: Greg Egan. We now know what a black hole looks like, and we're ready for Egan's new novel about a giant black hole's arrival in our solar system.


Build Yourself a Boat

Author: Camonghne Felix. Publisher Haymarket says Felix's breakout debut "redefines the language of collective and individual trauma through lyric and memory."


Miracle Creek

Author: Angie Kim. A therapeutic medical device offers patients hope, until it explodes. The resulting murder trial upturns a rural Virginia community in Kim's debut.



Author: Josh Malerman. Two small schools on two sides of a forest train genius students to excel. A girl from one school meets a boy from the other, and they begin to question their purpose.



Author: Alexa Martin. Martin's romance features a single mom reconnecting with her long-ago love, an NFL player. Her first book, Intercepted, was inspired by her life as an NFL wife.


Dark Constellations

Author: Pola Oloixarac. Trans: Roy Kesey. Oloixarac's second novel moves from 19th century naturalism's need to classify to 21st century DNA-based surveillance.


Odd Partners: An Anthology

Ed: Anne Perry. Perry brings together a superstar team of writers, each telling the story of two people teaming up to solve mysteries.


Normal People

Author: Sally Rooney. Rooney follows up a smash-hit debut, Conversations with Friends, with a story about teens transitioning from small-town Ireland to college life in the city.


High Five

Author: Adam Rubin. Illus: Daniel Salmieri. The duo behind Dragons Love Tacos, Those Darn Squirrels, and Robo-Sauce are back with a new picture book devoted to the art of the high five.


The Accidental Veterinarian

Author: Philipp Schott. Do not talk to your vet when they are using a stethoscope, and should you meet a Chihuahua named Oscar Westenheimer, run. Winnipeg-based vet Schott tells all.


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