Can't Wait to Read!

Today's Can't Wait to Read picks, all books coming out this week, is in alphabetical order by author. As with any book we feature in Spine, we encourage you to head to your local library or bookstore to grab a copy.

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What My Mother And I Don't Talk About

Editor: Michele Filgate. A slew of sensational writers explores what they haven't, can't, or won't talk about with their mothers, and why.


African Samurai: The True Story of Yasuke, a Legendary Black Warrior in Feudal Japan

Authors: Geoffrey Girard, Thomas Lockley. The true story of the first-ever foreign-born samurai Yasuke, kidnapped from his African birthplace in the 16th century and brought to Asia.


Why You Like It: The Science and Culture of Musical Taste

Author: Nolan Gasser. Why do I love that song? Why do you hate it? Gasser, a composer, musicologist, and architect of the Music Genome Project that powers Pandora, breaks it down.


Next Girl to Die (The Calderwood Cases Book 1)

Author: Dea Poirier. Detroit detective Claire Calderwood returns to her Maine hometown to investigate a murder, eerily similar to her sister's unsolved murder 15 years ago.


Waste Tide

Author: Chen Qiufan, Trans. Ken Liu. Mimi, a migrant worker processing electronic detritus on Silicon Isle, is pulled into a battle involving local gangs, ecoterrorists and investors.



Author: Ali Smith. Spring arrives, the third book in Scottish writer Smith's seasonally centered quartet, with the global migrant crisis at its heart.


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