Christopher Lin, Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women

Christopher Lin is an Art Director residing in New York City. His work includes developing the cover for Siri Hustvedt's A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women. Below is Lin's experience of the creation of the cover, in his own words.

I had the pleasure of designing the cover for Siri Hustvedt’s masterful 2014 novel, The Blazing World, so when Simon & Schuster reached out to me to work on A Woman Looking at Men Looking at Women, I immediately said yes even before looking through the brief.

This book is a collection of essays, all which center very loosely around the theme of gender bias and the feminist perception, so basically a non-fiction version of Blazing. The only stipulation for the cover was that the author didn’t want a photo or image, so right away I knew I wanted to create a companion piece to her previous work.


Playing with the same torn paper technique, I created the shape on the final cover organically. Its form and depth spoke to all three aspects of the subtitle to me: art, sex, and the mind. The essays were so rich and inspiring that I experimented with several more ideas, but in the end this was the cover selected and I was very happy as it pairs handsomely with Blazing.

Alternate Concepts:

Design Editor, Painter, Designer, Lifelong bibliophile.